Ford Motor Company Plans To File Appeal In A Case Of A Rear-End Collision

After a nearly $3 million jury award, Ford Motor Company plans to file and appeal in a case of a rear-end collision that resulted in permanent disability for the driver of a Ford Explorer, according to 9 News. In 2009, a Boulder man was rear-ended by another driver, when the recliner mechanism on the driver seat slipped. The seat dropped into a fully reclined position, and the man was thrown head-first into the back seat, where he suffered spinal cord damage in his upper neck. As a result of this serious spinal injury, the man has long-term disability in his speech, cognition, and visual functions. As a result of this disability, he was forced to give up his job as a physical therapist.

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Many people question the size of jury awards in cases such as these. In fact, Ford is probably counting on that questioning in filing an appeal. However, when you consider the facts, the jury award may seem very reasonable. Some people have to give up their jobs because of disability; in some cases, they are never able to return to work. This lack of income will make paying for the long-term medical care, including doctor bills, possible surgical procedures, and occupational and physical therapy extremely expensive. If someone’s negligence causes a person a lifetime of medical bills, while also forcing that person to give up their chosen profession, it seems reasonable that the negligent party, not the innocent one, bear the brunt of that cost.

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