Rear-End Collisions

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Insurance companies sometimes take a dismissive attitude toward people who say they have been injured in a rear-end collision. Because whiplash isn’t as easy to see as a broken bone or paralyzing injury, they don’t treat it as seriously.accident attorneys

Experience has shown us that people involved in rear-end collisions on the freeway — or even those who were rear-ended at a stop sign or stop light — can experience significant pain and disability because of whiplash and other injuries caused by rear-end collisions.

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The force of a rear-end car accident can cause the head to snap forward violently. That whiplash movement can cause a serious neck injury, such as a herniated cervical disc.

As the head moves forward and then backward, it may strike the windshield, the side window, or the headrest. The skull can be struck or shaken with tremendous force, leading to sheering or tearing within the brain. A closed head injury can result in a concussion, loss of memory, painful headaches, or retinal detachment leading to blindness.

The shock of being struck from behind typically causes drivers to tense up. They may slam on the brakes, but the force from behind causes such extreme forward motion that the driver may suffer a broken ankle or broken knee when the leg is jammed into the steering wheel or front dash. It can also result in lower back injuries and lasting back pain.personal injury law

If you’ve suffered a serious injury in a rear-end accident, our attorneys will ensure the insurance company takes it seriously.

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