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Do I Have a Case?

One of the most commonly asked questions by individuals who meet with a personal injury attorney is this. Texas professionals will provide an answer to this question that is honest and fair. Individuals will have questions about their case because this area of law is not as cut and dry as others. It often comes down to the opinion of a judge. However, this should not stop you from coming in to see an attorney and to discuss your case. In fact, this interview can be the perfect way for you to find out what your options really are. More about Car Accident Lawyers in San Antonio here What Is a Consultation? No matter what type of personal injury or workers compensation, Texas event you are dealing with, the initial step in getting help is to contact an attorney. The attorney is likely to set an appointment for a consultation. You will meet the lawyer and discus your case in this meeting. Here are some of the things that are often discussed at this type of meeting. >> You will tell them what your case circumstances are. This should include information regarding the events that took place. >> You will provide any facts or other evidence to back up your claims, if you have it, or tell of its existence if you do not have it. >> The attorney will ask you question about the concerns you are dealing with and the outcome of the actions. How did this affect your life? From this point, you can learn the answer to that question. Do you have a case? The personal injury attorney in Texas you are talking with will be able to provide you with more information if you do in fact have a case. Generally, they cannot offer any type of guarantee that you will win your case, but many do offer guidance on how difficult it will be to win your case. What to Expect At the initial consultation with the personal injury attorney, Texas residents can expect to ask questions and get answers, as well as to have a number of questions asked of them. It is often the case that individuals will find a range of concerns to think about – what will this cost, how long will it take and what are the chances of winning. A good consultation brings up a lot of questions so that the answers can be found. Keep in mind that this is also a good time to interview the attorney to find out if he or she can offer you the type of service you need. Sometimes, it is best to choose a provider that has the skills and resources to answer even your toughest question. You can learn a great deal about your situation from these providers. Take a few minutes to find the best personal injury attorney Texas has to offer. Discuss your case in detail with this provider. Learn what your options are. A consultation can help you to learn a great deal about your situation.

Pedestrian Killed After Being Hit By A Car

A pedestrian who was crossing in the middle of a block was killed after being hit by a car, according to 9 News. While a 9 News reporter was at the scene reporting on the incident, she saw another pedestrian jaywalking.[caption id="attachment_163" align="alignright" width="300"]personal injury attorneys Horizontal view of car hit young woman[/caption] Although the pedestrian was crossing the street illegally, police believe that the driver was under the influence of alcohol at the time of the accident. Pedestrian accidents have become an increasingly big problem in the Denver area in 2013. Through April, there has been nearly a 22% increase in the number of  pedestrian accidents. The Mayor’s office, in conjunction with the   Police,   Public School, and some bicycle safety groups have begun the Heads Up campaign to try to curb the number of pedestrian collisions.

Have you or a loved one been seriously injured in a pedestrian collision? Speak with an experienced pedestrian accident attorney today to discuss your options.

The rise in the number of pedestrian accidents, and the accompanying rise in the number of pedestrian fatalities is certainly disturbingly high. Our car accident lawyers know that pedestrians and cyclists are much more vulnerable to serious injury in accidents than passengers in cars and trucks. As such, the injuries sustained are often much more severe. Serious injuries that cause permanent disability are sadly common, and victims may require ongoing medical care for the rest of their lives. This medical care become incredibly expensive, very quickly. There may even be Colorado criminal charges for the driver of the car.

Man Charged In Car Accident Death

A man is being criminally charged after another man died in a car accident in Longmont, according to 9 News. Longmont Police tried to pull the driver over for weaving in and out of traffic, but rather than pulling over, he led them on a chase. The chase ended when the man ran a red light, and struck another car. The crash resulted in the death of the other driver, as well as injury to two passengers that were in the runaway car. Prosecutors plan to charge the driver with several criminal offenses, including 1st degree murder. The driver himself does not appear to have been seriously injured in the incident.

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence, speak with a dedicated Denver wrongful death attorney immediately to discuss your options.

Each year, several hundred Coloradans die in traffic accidents, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There are many factors that contribute to car accidents, but studies show that most are caused by human error in some form. Two of the factors most frequently linked to motor vehicle accidents are speed and driver distraction. In a significant number of accidents, the driver’s behavior could be considered negligent. This means that the driver was driving in a way that a reasonable person would not have done. When one driver’s negligent actions result in injury to someone else, then that negligent driver may be held liable for the damage that he or she causes. By filing a Colorado personal injury claim in civil court, the injured party has an opportunity to hold the negligent party responsible, as well as recover financial compensation for medical bills, property damage, and any lost wages that the injury cost them. In addition, the injured party may be entitled to compensation to make up for significant losses in quality of life.

Contact a dedicated Denver personal injury attorney today to discuss your options if you or a loved one have been seriously injured in a car accident. The costs of serious car accident injuries can add up very quickly. Many of the more serious injuries that people sustain in auto accidents can result in a lifetime of medical bills, causing a financial problem that is only compounded by missed time from work in order to recover. These kinds of injuries, aside from the medical care required, may result in a major changes to your lifestyle. Some people find that they are no longer able to work in their chosen profession due to permanent disability, or that they are no longer able to work at all. Many people are no longer able to participate in some of the activities that made their lives full, and feel that loss every day. An experienced Colorado personal injury attorney can help you recover compensation for pain and suffering as well as for the actual monetary costs of your accident. For more information, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer today.